Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fish Guanaja Honduras - How about Barry the Cuda?

Fish Guanaja Honduras ... the boys are getting their poles and lines ready .... what will they catch? A good fishing experience always takes planning ... right now they are checking everything over and maybe in the next day or two they will go out.

The locals tell us that a lot of barracuda are caught here. We know all about these "bad boys" from fishing in the Bahamas ... in fact we only use them for bait, but not to eat because they
have been known to carry ciguatera, a type of food poisoning. The main symptoms of ciguatera include gastrointestinal and neurological effects. Not a beautiful thing!

While this seems to be a problem over in the Bahamas, the locals swear it is not so around Guanaja. I don't know! I am still not going to eat any, but the test they use to see if the fish is infected is to cut the head off and lay it on the ground. If ants don't swarm all over it in a few moments then the fish is infected. If the ants are all over it then it is safe for consumption.

Like I said ....I don't know..... try it at your own risk!

Just a handy tip from one of the local fisherman in Guanaja.

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Ubertramp said...

I've never heard of this disease before, and I've certainly eaten my fair share of barracuda on my travels - I guess I've just been lucky!

I'm gonna google it to see whether it's a localised problem or not...

Thanks for the tip!

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