Friday, March 28, 2008

Fish Guanaja - Gearing Up!

Fish Guanaja? Time to gear up!

Having been down to this island paradise before, we know that most of the fishing done by the natives is with handlining using the spool method. What better way to show our appreciation to our local friends than to bring them down rods and reels?

So off we went to the nautical flea market on Marco Island and picked up these 4 rods and reels. We will take them down to Guanaja and when we get through fishing, we will leave them for our friends. The US is a land of plenty and sometimes we forget the less fortunate. New, these poles would probably equal 2-3 months pay for the average Honduran.

This is our way of thanking the folks of Guanaja for sharing their little island paradise with us.

Fish Guanaja, 5 days and counting!

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