Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fish Guanaja - How about Next Week?

Fish Guanaja? How about next week?

Our tickets are booked and we have already started to collect a mini tackle box to take with us. We have talked with Captain Bob and he will be ready to fish when we get there... YIKES ... I'm excited! What kind of creatures are we going to pull up from those deep Caribbean waters?

I would like a Tuna ... sushi with wasabi is always good ... then steaks seared rare, YUM!

How about a large bill fish? I only want a pictures of this big guy ... I could tell the stories for years about landing one of these .....maybe a king and we could let's break out the smoker for some fish dip.

We'll have to see ...... follow along with our adventures. Fishing in Guanaja, I'll keep you posted!

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