Monday, March 17, 2008

Fish Guanaja Honduras, an Islanders Story

Fish Guanaja, who better to know the real "scoop" than one of the locals.

Daniel said, that preparation is the key. First the water must be chummed to attract the fish. This is done by packing a used (or no linger in use) conch shell. They grind up small bait fish with sand and pack them into the shell. As the shell floats to the bottom, bits of the tasty fish/sand "stuff" floats out and the surrounding fish come running! Only a small portion of the chum actually floats out, but it keeps attracting the fish for some time.

Now is the time to get serious. The locals use a hand line along with a handmade jig made of yarn. I guess yellow yarn works best and they keep a supply of it at home just for their fishing excursions. Daniel swears that he and his brothers have caught up to 100 pounds of fish at a time using this method ... enough to feed several families.

Fish Guanaja? In this case, the simple method may be the best!

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