Monday, March 31, 2008

Fish Guanaja - We are Good To Go!

Fish Guanaja? You betcha! We are good to go. My husband has his important fishing gear all laid out to take with us. Party balloons for "balloon" fishing and a new trusty cedar plug for tuna.

The Corona, well, that will be gone before we leave so he will have to get a new one when he gets down there.

As you all know, many hours can be spent with the art of fishing ... the real deal is the catching part! Now this gear that is laid out has had luck for us in the Bahamas. We caught a personal best, 24 pound snapper, in the Abacos using the balloon technique. Actually it was quite easy once the balloon was blown up and tied ... the rest was just drinking beer and watching the party beast jump around in the breeze and waiting for the tug of the fish.

The cedar plug is another story all together. We were given the "inside info" on this unflashy lure from a clerk in Nassau, Bahamas. The cedar plug was magic! We ran into a school of tuna on our way to the Berry Islands and that lure absolutely smoked ...

The only party we had was the one where Mr. Tuna was the guest of honor!

Well, we are hoping that the fish down in Guanaja have all been to the same "school", pun intended, as the Bahamian fish! We are looking forward to fishing Guanaja. I'll keep you posted!

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